Angelica was born in Ferrara in 1997. She spends her child days among boxes full of messy hair dolls, playing dress-up with her mom’s patent pumps, while her granny tailors fur-coats and bouclé co-ords. She imitates Cher’s steps and she sings Celine Dion’s hits with her toy microphone and a blonde wig in front of the tv. School notebooks fill with dresses drawings and imaginative stories that leave space for her pragmatic fantasy.
She was born under the sign of Aquarius, so an eccentric, creative and sparkling soul lives together with a balanced, meditative and quiet side. Her curiosity is satisfied by books, she is fascinated by history and literature, but she has a big dream: to study fashion.
She enrolls in the Faculty of Fashion Design at Politecnico di Milano enjoying the city and the wonderful experience: even if sometimes it is challenging, this path lets her find out huge tenacity and dedication in complete her goals.
After some postgraduate internships and the pandemic, she goes back to her home town spending her free time in studying and creating. Understanding the preciousness of time, she starts perceiving inspiration from stories of the past that cross contemporary goads, mixing music, art, idyllic dreams and a bit of nostalgia, with a sprinkling of shimmering glitter. Thus Allour was born, in which she fully plunges herself.
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