Sixties have been contrasting years. After the economic boom of the 1950s and renewed prosperity in the post-war society, women continue to hold jobs and indulge in the luxury of spending and “La Dolce Vita“. At the same time, there is a strong desire for renewal, which will soon erupt into true cultural revolutions that will irreversibly change common thought, making great strides towards the conquest of freedom of expression.
During the same years, ‘space mania’ spreads in response to the experiments preceding the moon landing of 1969. With designers like Rabanne, Courreges and Cardin, fashion adopts synthetic materials and celestial colors, with aluminum mesh and vinyl boots, precursors of the cyber aesthetic of a hyper-technological future.
The 1960s also provide the backdrop for Kubrick’s masterpiece, ‘2001: A Space Odyssey‘. Released in 1968, the movie is divided into three phases: an ancestral past, at the origins of humanity evolving; an anachronistic present, aboard a spacecraft with 1960s design heading to the Moon in 2001; a utopian future, dominated by technology and artificial intelligence.
The collection reflects the concept of cyclical time, identifying in the future a nostalgia for a prosperous past like the 1960s, as hope for a return to a period of progress and well-being, compared to a present full of critical issues that, contrary to predictions, not even artificial intelligence has managed to overcome.

Everything has already been done, every story has. been told, every scene has been shot. It’s our job to do it one better.”  S.Kubrick

The capsule embodies the same concept of duality, proposing trapezoidal and rigid shapes with vivid colors alongside fluid fabrics and translucent shades. There’s a stylistic continuity with the past that breaks in the heterogeneity of fabrics, reconnecting to Earth and its origins as one with the dress.
The element of water, found on luminescent and wet-effect fabrics, is interpreted as regeneration and flow, as a natural path that flows and changes, but then returns to its original state, bringing change, blending, life.