Allour is the blend between words allure and glamour: the first one represent a behavior, an attitude which has a seductive power, while the second one reveals a magical and charming magnetism which is difficult to resist.

Experiencing the Allour means being surrounded by an enchanted aura, while enjoying a unique and anachronistic ambience by wearing one dress, each time breathing scents that recreate vanished worlds, relating to the role you want to play with a mixture of elegance, opulence and naughtiness.

Allour woman turns up the volume on her bluetooth speaker, dancing to Cindy Lauper in front of the mirrored doors of her wardrobe, while she is looking for something to wear. Drawers are messy but clothes are carefully hanged by colors into the closet, because she is a creative soul with a pinch of craziness and childlike simplicity. The occasion become less important when the desire of uniqueness prevails.

Each time she choose plunging necklines and baroque drapes, light feathers and rhinestone cascades, shiny fabrics and exotic shades. The woman looks at her reflection and she smiles with pleasure, she is getting ready for a great night, she knows that she will not go unnoticed.