Cozy loungewear represents a luxury after two years necessarily spent at home that nobody wants to give it up. The gown has always been the home garment par excellence, provided with intrinsic elegance and able to marry a innate femininity and a touchable comfort, thanks to fluid fabrics and soft shapes.
Looking like a modern Marie Antoinette, curious, vivacious and life enthusiast, she tightens the bow on her waist and she runs outside, twirling on the grass, as she was a colorful velvet petal floating in the air. She breaths with force as if warm sunrays go straight to the lungs.
It’s time to enjoy peace and a bit of loneliness, that feeling that she loves after all because she has the possibility to listen to herself. Wind moves the cloth that sweetly tickles the skin, while revealing the whiteness of lace by sliding on her body.
In the intimacy of her house she feels safe and free.
She is about to receive her guest, the program of the evening is not defined yet. She comes up to her room, she prepares a boyfriend cut denim, easy to wear under the open gown. She tidies up the bed putting new ironed sheets. Everything is ready to meet him.
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